About us

About us


CMBTS is a US-based Medical Billing Company located in Virginia. We are providing end-to-end business solutions to US Healthcare providers.

CMBTS has a strong horizontal focus with its medical billing, coding, RCM (Revenue Cycle Management), Collection & EHR solutions.
CMBTS is a best-in-class medical billing services provider. Our goal is to serve our clients with exceptional work experience while helping them succeed at every scale.
We have strived a long way and have evolved into a body of most learned billing experts around, who can seamlessly connect with any medical office and make it successful with our capability.
A solid team of certified billers & coders who own extensive knowledge in their field across several specialties.
We have nurtured a culture of customer care and relationship management that is setting us apart from other service providers in the healthcare industry.
Flexible working hours so provider can communicate with his account manager easily.
we prove it with our quality work that every organization requires it:

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